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STS-6 Payload (TDRS-A) "Challenger's Maiden Flight"


Space Shuttle Challenger made its Maiden Flight on April 4, 1983 as STS-6 Shuttle Mission. As primary payload was the first Tracking and Data Relay Satellite -A. Secondary payloads included the CBSA (Cargo bay stowage assembly box) and GAS containers. As mission highlight, the First Spacewalk of the Shuttle program took place on this mission and performed by Donald Peterson and Story Musgrave. It was also the first mission of the Lightweight External Tank and Lightweight Solid Rocket Booster casings. Mission ended on April 9, 1983 at Edwards Air Force Base.





TDRS-A / IUS (bays 5 through 12
Forward payload frame (bay 9)
Aft payload frame (bay 12)
CBSA (bay 1)
GAS (3 containers on bay 2-starboard):
-GAS 005
-GAS 049
-GAS 381


Download Files:


Orbiter file

sts6.pdf (1.17 mb)
sts6pld.pdf ( 1.57 mb)

STS-6 Payload Manual (225 kb)



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