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STS-26 Payload (TDRS-C) / Return to Flight


Space Shuttle Discovery was launched on Sep. 29, 1988 on a Return to Flight mission after the Challenger Disaster. Carried the replacement payload lost with Challenger, the TDRS-C, becoming the second TDRS to be deployed. For this mission several improvements took place, the most important was the re-design of the SRB casings with the addition of a third O-ring. The astronauts wore new launch pressurized suits, too.

Secondary payload was the OASIS experiment (Orbiter Experiments Autonomous Supporting Instrumentation System - 1) which recorded a variety of environmental measurements during various inflight phases of the orbiter. Several other payloads were in the mid-deck area.

Discovery landed on Oct. 3, 1988 at Edwards Air Force Base.



TDRS-C / IUS (bays 5 through 12
Forward payload frame (bay 9)
Aft payload frame (bay 12)
OASIS payload experiment (port side): bay13
KU-Band Antenna (bay 1 starboard)
Download Files:
Orbiter file
disco4th.pdf (1.16 mb)
sts26pld.pdf ( 1.33 mb)

STS-26 Payload Manual (206 kb)




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