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If you are a Space Shuttle model builder, this site is for you. Build a 1:144 scale Space Shuttle papermodel in several versions: Full Stack version with External tank and boosters or a single Orbiter with either a closed or open payload bay, for FREE! The Shuttle Payloads for every mission are available via PAYPAL.

This site is more than building a simple cardmodel of the Space Shuttle. It goes beyond that. You can download files to build a replica of any Space Shuttle mission. You'll have the details of the Orbiter markings and the corresponding changes to the External tank and Solid rocket boosters for any mission. You can also build the hardware that transports the Shuttle to the launch pad, the Crawler and the Mobile Launch Platform. Every Shuttle payload differs from mission to mission, so at this site you will have the opportunity to build the payloads from all the missions including the International Space Station by collecting the individual modules from these payloads.

Check the REFERENCE page for detailed information about Shuttle and ET/SRB external markings. An excellent resource as a guideline for Shuttle modelers. Use the Reference page when building your models.

How to find the models:

In order to build the Shuttle models it is important to know that the parts are placed in different pages on this website. The reason for this is because there are so many external marking configurations for the Shuttles. The main parts of the Shuttle are located on the "Assembly manual and files" page. Here you will find the generic parts to build the Shuttle, the payload bay box, the main engines, wing supports, the attachments for the External tank and boosters and the 2 different bellies or bottom. Also you'll find the Instruction manuals to assemble the Shuttle and its tanks.

The rest of the parts are located on the "Download pages 1 - 5". Here you will find the Shuttle cabin, the wings, aft portion of the Shuttle, the rudder or tail, the External tanks and Solid Rocket boosters, too. Because there have been a total of 5 orbiters, you'll find different configurations for all Shuttle missions. The "Download pages 1-5" cover the whole Shuttle program since 1981 until the present. Also on these pages you will find the Payload for each mission. When a picture of the payload is shown, it means that the whole mission kit is available for download.


About me and my logo

I am Alfonso X. Moreno, an avid fan of the space program, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, but raised in New York during my childhood. I still remember watching the Apollo missions in the early 70s and even wearing an astronaut costume for Halloween.

I now live in Florida's "Treasure Coast" in Port Saint Lucie.

My logo represents modeling the Space Shuttle from paper. The three colors yellow, blue and red in the oval represent the colors of Ecuador's flag, my birthplace. The three stars on the left represent my brothers and I. The Space Shuttle is depicted in flight after trailing the sequence of paper modeling, and the white, red and blue stars represent all past, present and future Space Shuttle missions from mother Earth.

On 11/30/09, the AXM logo was redesigned with new colors.


July 31, 2000

Photo taken during a meeting in Colorado Springs.

Jan 27, 2007

Here I am with my kids (future astronauts) in Disney World.

Copiague, LINY (1971)

During my teens I started building models as a hobby. First, I built 1:200 scale paper models of real American launchers. My collection consisted of the Mercury Redstone, Gemini Titan, Saturn IB, Saturn V, a 1:200 Lunar Module, a Space Shuttle, Buran Shuttle, and a Soyuz booster. Later I built large lifesize scale models made from different materials, like R2D2 from Star Wars, Darth Vader, Alien, ET, Space Shuttle Columbia and finally the soviet shuttle Buran. The photos below show some of my large sized models being burned during New Year's Eve celebration in Ecuador. As a tradition in Ecuador, a "dummy" stuffed manequin is burned during New Year's Eve, the dummy representing the Old Year. But I preferred building a replica of anything that was remarkable every year. I remember people saying "You have to be crazy burning all your work!" They were right. What it took me a month of work, it was gone in minutes!




Taking it for a ride (1988)

I have to admit that my large sized models were inaccurate in details. At that time I did not have the resources I have now.

The photo below is a 1:200 paper model of my MIR Space Station in its final configuration. Click each photo to enlarge.


These are some of my old 1:200 prototype papermodels: Apollo Lunar Module ( in my hand ), Gemini Titan, Soyuz booster (unfinished), Mercury Redstone and a closeup of a Soyuz capsule without its shroud.


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