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This page has all the Assembly manuals and the main Orbiter files you will need to build the AXM Shuttle in 1:144 Scale.


AXM Assembly Manuals

Orbiter Assembly manual.pdf

1.79 mb

Orbiter Open Payload bay Assembly manual.pdf

969 kb

ET/SRB Assembly manual.pdf

1.05 mb

Columbia- "SILTS" tailpod Assembly manual.pdf

355 kb

Wing modification manual.pdf

256 kb

Shuttle General Files

To avoid printing errors, please update your Acrobat reader to the latest version, and choose NONE for page scaling

General Parts.pdf (3.83 mb)


Wing Support.pdf (719 kb)


Belly for Open payload bay model: stsbelly1.pdf (1.28 mb)

Belly for Shuttle Stack model: stsbelly2.pdf (1.54 mb)


Shuttle Stack attachment parts: stackattachments.pdf (774 kb)


Files to complete the orbiter, including nose, cabin, wings and tail are located on "Download Pages 1 to 5". These files vary depending on which Shuttle mission you select.

Files for the External Tank and Solid Rocket Boosters are also placed on "Download Pages 1 to 5" and vary depending on which Shuttle mission you select as well.


What Cardstock to use

For 1:144 scale models, for best results use cardstock 90 lb (165 g/m2) or thinner.

For 1:100 scale models, use thicker cardstock as 110 lb.

*Some 1:100 files include extra parts to make the model thicker in case you are using a thinner cardstock.



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