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SPACE X "Falcon-9 v1.1 / Dragon"

CRS-3 (Cargo Resupply Services Mission 3)






SpaceX successfully launched its new Falcon 9 v1.1 on April 18, 2014 from Space Launch Complex 40 (SCL-40) of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station becoming the Third Cargo Resupply Services Mission.

Dragon SpX-3 carried two external payloads inside the Dragon Trunk to the Space Station - OPALS, the Optical Payload for Lasercom Science and HDEV, the High Definition Earth Viewing system.  For this mission, SpaceX has taken the next step by installing landing legs on the First stage of the Falcon 9.

During ascent, the four fold-out legs will be hidden under aerodynamic fairings for deployment during the controlled descent of the first stage to test out the deployment mechanism and study the aerodynamic properties of the legs. Not aiming for a landing on land just yet, the first stage will follow the procedure that was first executed on the premier flight of Falcon 9 v1.1.

The AXM version for the Falcon-9 v1.1 / Dragon papermodel was made possible from NASA's photo gallery website. This model stands at a height of 63,3 cm in 1:100 scale, very accurate in details and is available as a free download.

Enjoy the photos and the model!



Download files:




AXM Falcon-9 / Dragon CRS-3


1:100 (3.4 mb)





Dragon CRS-3


Dragon's Trunk detail

Dragon's CRS-3 trunk with HDEV (FRAM 1) and OPALS (FRAM 3)


Falcon-9 v1.1

  Side facing Strongback    



Space-X "Dragon" CRS-3 berthed to the ISS


Location of CRS-3 External Payloads on ISS

The HDEV is installed on the Columbus module and OPALS on ELC-1 pallet


Dragon CRS-3 is released by Canadarm 2



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