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SPACE X "Falcon-9 / Dragon"

CRS-1 (Cargo Resupply Services Mission 1)






The SpaceX Falcon-9 was successfully launched on Oct 7, 2012 from Space Launch Complex 40 (SCL-40) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on the First Cargo Resupply Services Mission. This is the first of 12 planned Resupply missions to the ISS that SpaceX will fly for NASA under the Commercial Resupply Services Contract.

The last demo COTS-2 flight took place on May 22, 2012.

The AXM version for the Falcon-9/Dragon papermodel was made possible from NASA's photo gallery website. This model is available as a free download.

Enjoy the photos and the model!


Differences from COTS-2 paper model

There are small differences noticed on the exterior of the Falcon-9 rocket and Dragon capsule. The Dragon logos on the solar panel covers are much smaller than the ones from COTS-2 mission. The Dragon trunk's exterior is much "cleaner" as well.

On Falcon-9 second stage there are new logos from Orbcomm. Orbcomm is a global satellite data communications company that is sending the first prototype of a second generation satellite (OG2) as a secondary payload on this mission. The satellite's location on the rocket is on top of the second stage, not inside the trunk. A second logo is shown but there are no high resolution images of the logo at the time of this presentation. The logo is an artistic artwork done by myself based on NASA's photos.



Download files:



AXM Falcon-9 / Dragon CRS-1


1:100 (3.2 mb)




5 mb

Assembly manual

Instruct. Manual Addendum


Dragon CRS-1

Dragon's Trunk detail




Space-X "Dragon" berthed to the ISS




Space X website




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