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SPACE X "Falcon-9 / Dragon"

COTS-2 (Commercial Orbital Transportation Services)

First Commercial Space Vehicle to ISS



SPACE X is the first commerciall company to attempt to send a space vehicle to the International Space Station. Falcon-9 was launched on May 22, 2012 from Space Launch Complex 40 (SCL-40) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. This is the Second Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS-2) launch. Atop the Falcon-9 rocket is the Dragon capsule whick will be berthed to the ISS via the Canadarm2 Robotic Arm.

The First Space-X COTS flight took place in Dec 2010 and made Space-X the first commercial company to send a spacecraft to orbit and return it safely to Earth. The Falcon-9 and Dragon capsule is designed to one day carry astronauts to space.

The AXM version for the Falcon-9/Dragon papermodel was made possible from sources obtained from NASA's photo gallery website. This model is available as a free download on both 1:144 and 1:100 scales.

Enjoy the photos and the model!

A prototype model was used for this presentation and was built by Marcel Kukuricáš, betatester best known as Marcellino4 in the "Papermodelers" forum. The final product differs very slightly with the photos shown on this page. One example is the addition of the SpaceX logo which was not present at the time of the prototype assembly.



Download files:

AXM Falcon-9 / Dragon

1:144 (2.2 mb)


1:100 (2.3 mb)


(Final Revision)


5 mb

Assembly manual

Dragon capsule

Dragon capsule in COTS-2 configuration
Front view of Dragon
Aft view of Dragon
Dragon heatshield



Space-X "Dragon" berthed to the ISS



FALCON-9 / COTS-1 configuration


A special thanks to John Jogerst and Ton Noteboom, two great card model designers, who kindly allowed me to post the files and links of their models, the Falcon-9 and Dragon capsule in COTS-1 configuration. The files from model designer Jogerst include Falcon-9, Falcon-9 Heavy and Dragon. And as a bonus, there's a stomp rocket version so kids can have fun!

The Dragon capsule from designer Ton Noteboom is SpaceX original hardware design.


SpaceX Falcon-9 paper model

1:100 scale

Designer: J.Jogerst

SpaceX Dragon capsule paper model 1:96 scale

Designer: Ton Noteboom

Download files:

SpaceX Falcon-9 Flight vehicle 1

SpaceX Falcon-9 Dragon

SpaceX Falcon-9 Heavy

SpaceX Falcon-9 stomp rocket


Download file (external link) :





Source: Space X website



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