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The Soyuz spacecraft is Russia's most reliable space vehicle capable of carrying humans into space. During the Moon Race in the 60s, the Soyuz was used for "rehearsals" for soviet lunar expeditions, but the program was canceled as it fell behind the Apollo Lunar Missions.

When the Moon Race was over, the Soviet Union shifted its focus to Earth-orbiting Stations and the role of Soyuz was crucial. Since the 70s until the present time, the Soyuz had gone through several upgrades, from the Soyuz-T to the current configuration Soyuz TMA-M or "Digital".

For the Soyuz papermodel, this site is focusing on the Soyuz-TM and Soyuz-TMA / TMA-M. These are the vessels that have visited the old "MIR" Space Station and the current ISS, respectively. These Soyuz papermodels can attach to the ISS model via connectors which are included in the kit. Also in the kit there are several insignias in order to assemble a Soyuz for the MIR station or for the ISS.

Enjoy the photos and this little model itself!


Download files:



Soyuz 1:100 (661 kb)

Soyuz 1:144 (621 kb)



Instruction Manual (3.7 mb)






In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's spaceflight, the Soyuz TMA-21 for Expedition ISS-27 will carry unique insignias for this historical event. On the front side of the orbital segment of Soyuz the insignia shows Gagarin's face with his helmet. On the back side, the insignia has the Roskosmos logo, the Russian flag, the Energia logo and the word "Gagarin" in cyrillic. AXM is adding the insignias to the current Soyuz papermodel available on this page. The Soyuz TMA-21 will dock to the Poisk module.


(AXM artwork)


Download files:


SoyuzGagarin 1:100

(463 kb)


SoyuzGagarin 1:144

(452 kb)


Soyuz TMA-21 "Yuri Gagarin" docking to the ISS (POISK module) on Apr 6, 2011


UPDATE: July 2016


New Soyuz with the new KURS-NA antenna. Features improved navigation, communications and rendezvous systems. There are new micrometeoroid debris panels and new Solar Panels with more power.




Soyuz missions to the ISS

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