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STS-49 Payload (Endeavour's Maiden Flight)

Space Shuttle Endeavour made her Maiden Flight on May 8, 1992 on a mission to retrieve the Intelsat 6 satellite and to repair it adding a Reboost Motor. The Intelsat-6 was launched aboard a Titan vehicle in March 1990 but was stranded in an unusuable orbit. Endeavour carried hardware to reboost the Intelsat. Also in the payload bay was hardware for "Assembly of Station by EVA Methods" - ASEM, carried aboard the MPESS. Endeavour astronauts successfully added the Reboost Motor to the Intelsat-6.

Below is a classic photo of the EVA envolved to capture the Intelsat-6. Endeavour landed on May 16, 1992 at Edwards Air Force Base.






ASEM-MPESS (bay 5)
Reboost Motor cradle ( bay 9 - 10)
Capture Bar (bay 7) port side
Remote manipulator Arm: port side
KU-band antenna (bay 1) Starboard
Download Files:
Orbiter file
endmodif1.pdf (1.17mb)
sts49pld.pdf (1.51 mb)


STS-49 Payload Manual (155 kb)




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