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STS-1 Payload

(First Space Shuttle Mission)


Space Shuttle Columbia made its Maiden Flight on April 12, 1981 as STS-1 Shuttle Mission. It was Orbital Flight Test-1. Primary objectives were to check out the overall Shuttle system, acomplish a safe ascent into orbit and return to Earth fo a safe landing. It was a successful flight. Primary payload was the DFI pallet (Development Flight Instrumentation package).

John Young (commander) and Robert Crippen (pilot) landed Columbia on April 14, 1981 at Edwards Air Force Base.






DFI pallet (bay 9)
Download Files:
Orbiter file
colmodif1.pdf (1.22 mb)
sts1pld.pdf ( 1.87 mb )


STS-1 Payload manual (535 kb)





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