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Mini Research Module-2 (MRM-2) "POISK"


"POISK" or Mini Research Module-2 was launched aboard a Soyuz rocket booster to the ISS on Nov 10, 2009. The vehicle was a modified Progress-M that carried MRM-2 on top, like the way "PIRS" was delivered.

Docking took place on Nov 12, 2009 to the zenith port of Zvezda. This module increases the number of ports on the Russian segment of the station and enables further development of the Russian program of space station experiments and research. A docking target was installed on the zenith port of Zvezda previous to the docking via an EVA.

This papermodel is available in 2 scales, 1:100 and 1:144 and the assembly is exactly as "PIRS".

Enjoy the photos and this little model itself!


Download files:



POISK 1:100 (620 kb)

POISK 1:144 (520 kb)


Instruction Manual

(4.9 mb)


"POISK" and Progress transport docked to zenith port of Zvezda


ISS Russian Segment Configuration before "Rassvet"



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