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Ninfinger Modeling Website (Paper Models) Links to several sites

Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Giftshop Great site, several paper models: the Apollo Series, post-Apollo, Russian, European, Sci-Fi and more!!

Maquette de la Station Spatiale Internationale en papier A great blog site about a 1:100 ISS paper model

Currell Graphics Card Models (Great paper models)

Nielspapermodels (Space papermodels)

My Little Space Museum (Karl Dodenhoff's site, great info on Apollo and Soviet Union Lunar Programs, and more!)

Paperjerry Blog (My friend from Mexico, Gerardo Escobedo. His blog has excellent stuff. Check it out!!)

Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian Space in Card Models (Leo Cherkashyn website)

Spacecraft and Rocket Free Paper Toys (Lots of paper models)

Ton Noteboom site (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Orion, Ariane 5, Soyuz, Hubble, ATV, DC-X and more! )

Classic Paper Space Models (Great paper models from designer Lars Folmann)

Papercraft Aeronautics and Space Administration Great japanese site with a beautiful collection of rockets, including my Shuttles!!!

Aries Paper Models (Nice site with American, Russian, European paper models, and more!)



Model Rocketry Thanks Maddie for the link

Kid's Space Center - Fun with Model Rockets!! Check out this list of model rocketry sites for all ages. Kids and teens will enjoy and learn everything about how to build and launch rockets!!! A special thanks to Marylyn Brooks for the link. (Dr ZOOCH Flying Model Rocket kits: Saturn V, Space Shuttle, Saturn B, Ares-1, Soyuz and many more!!) (ALEX PANCHENKO's website of Space Memorabilia. Great for Collectors!!) (NICK PROACH MODELS - Custom built space ship models and scale replicas including the Saturn V Rocket, Mercury, Gemini, Gemini Titan, Titan, Atlas, Redstone, Apollo, Lunar Module and other Space Ship Models.)







Space in Miniature #3 - "Space Shuttle" by Michael J. Mackowski

NASA / KSC Media gallery photos

Space Shuttle Video Library (From the National Space Society, great videos for reference!) (Excellent source of photos)

Space Shuttle - The History of the National Space Transportation System, The First 100 Missions by Dennis R. Jenkins

Squadron/Signal Publications #20 - "Walk around Space Shuttle"

The Space Shuttle Operator's Manual - Revised Edition

JSC History Portal (All Space mission patches) (Another great site about Spacefacts and mission patches)



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