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The HTV-3 was successfully launched to the International Space Station on July 21, 2012 from the Yoshinobu Launch Complex in Tanegashima, Japan.

This is JAXA's (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) third unmanned space vehicle for International Space Station (ISS) re-supply and waste cargo disposal. HTV-1 and HTV-2 were successfully launched in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

For this mission, the HTV-3 will carry the following payloads:

-SCaN Testbed payload ( will be mounted on the ELC-3 pallet)

-MCE payload ( will be mounted on the Japanese KIBO Exposed Facility pallet)

The HTV-3 papermodel was made possible from sources obtained from JAXA website and NASA's Glenn Research Center. Special thanks to Dan Catalano from GRC for approaching me and my site for the production of the 1:10 scale version of the SCAN Testbed payload. The 1:10 scale paper model is available at NASA's GRC website for free download.

The assembly manual of the HTV-3 "Kounotori3" can be downloaded from page HTV-1.



Download Files:


HTV-3 (1:100)

(1.4 mb)

HTV-3 (1:144)

(1 mb)



1:100 Draft scale model shown
Kounotori-3 with a modified payload pallet configured for this mission


Bottom view of the HTV-3 with Japanese flag and HTV-3 markings for this mission

Photo obtained from NASA website


HTV-3 payloads: MCE (larger rectangular box) and SCAN Testbed (smaller box)


SCAN TESTBED Payload (1:10 paper model)

SCAN Testbed payload 1:10 Scale Model available at:

Glenn Research Center - Space Operations Project office


HTV-3 payload pallet attached to KIBO Exposed Facility


HTV-3 payload locations on ISS


These are photos of the real flight hardware at the Glenn Research Center showing the original AXM papermodel of the SCaN Testbed payload. The 1:10 papermodel of the SCAN Testbed now belongs to the Glenn Research Center.. A special thanks to Dan Catalano from GRC for contacting AXM papermodels site and for sending these pictures.


Source: JAXA website


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