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The HTV-2 " Kounotori2" was successfully launched to the International Space Station on January 22, 2011 from the Yoshinobu Launch Complex in Tanegashima, Japan.

This is JAXA's (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) second unmanned space vehicle for International Space Station (ISS) re-supply and waste cargo disposal. HTV-1 was successfully launched on a Demonstration Flight on Sep 10, 2009.

For this mission, HTV-2 nickname is "KOUNOTORI" meaning "white stork". Externally, HTV-2 is an exact copy of HTV-1 with the exception of the payloads in the unpressurized cargo area. These payloads are the CTC-4 (Cargo Transport Container) and the FHRC (Flex Hose Rotary Couple), payloads that will be permanently placed as spare parts on the ELC-4 pallet. This pallet belongs to the payload from STS-133 that is scheduled for launch in mid-December or possibly February of 2011.

The HTV papermodel was made possible from sources obtained from JAXA website and NASA's Gallery page. This page will change as new updates are made. The assembly of this model is the same for HTV-1.

Enjoy the photos and the model!


Download files:


HTV-2 (1:100) (880 kb)

HTV-2 (1:144) (597 kb)


1:100 Draft scale model shown


HTV-2 with the Exposed Pallet



Exposed Pallet with FHRC and CTC-4 payloads

HTV-2 docked to "Harmony"
HTV-2 pallet attached to KIBO's Exposed Facility


HTV-2 relocated to the zenith port of Harmony in preparation for STS-133 docking on 2/18/11
HTV-2 moved back to the nadir port of Harmony via Space Station's robotic arm on 3/10/11 after the completion of STS-133 mission



Expedition ISS-27 update

The FHRC spare part that was brought to the ISS by the HTV-2 was permanently placed on the ELC-4 on 4/9/11 via DEXTRE. The other element, the CTC-4 is still with DEXTRE and will be moved to this same pallet on a future robotic EVA.


Source: JAXA website


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