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Enterprise OV-101 at SLC-6 Vandenberg Site


Enterprise with 1983 Paris Air Show external markings. Model built by Gerardo Escobedo (PaperJerry Blog)


SLC-6 Vandenberg Site

Back in time, to 1985 - 1986

During early 1985, Enterprise was again used as a test vehicle and was mated to a pair of inert SRB's and the External Tank scheduled for STS-3V, at the Space Launch Complex Six (SLC-6) facility at Vandenberg Launch Site in California. Enterprise performed a series of Flight Vehicle Verification tests that would support the planned launch of Shuttle Discovery from Vandenberg during 1986.

Unlike KSC where the Shuttle is stacked in the VAB and transported to the pad, at Vandenberg everything was stacked in place. During early 1986, Shuttle Columbia was scheduled to arrive to conduct tanking tests and a flight readiness firing to complete validation of the launch complex. Then the Challenger Disaster took place and everything was cancelled. Originally Discovery was to fly the first mission from Vandenberg and be permanently based there, but all launch preparations were suspended.

Source: Space Shuttle - The History of the National Space Transportation System (Dennis Jenkins)


Enterprise on Launch Mount

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ET SLC-6 configuration (2.4 mb)

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