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Enterprise OV-101


This page is dedicated to Space Shuttle ENTERPRISE OV-101. It was the first Orbiter built but was never destined to fly in space. It was used for the Approach and Landing Tests (ALT Program) in 1977. For these tests, a Boeing 747, the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) was used to carry Enterprise on top to execute the Captive (inactive/active)Flights and Free-Flights.

Back in time, to 1979

In April 1979, Enterprise was mated to a pair of inert Solid Rocket Boosters and the External Tank scheduled for the STS-1 mission. The stack was transported atop the MLP-1 to Pad 39A on May 1st, 1979. At the pad, Enterprise helped verify that maintenance platforms were in the correct locations.

Click below to download the Stack for this model. Use the Early MLP-1 files for this model.

Source: Space Shuttle - The History of the National Space Transportation System (Dennis Jenkins)



Download files:


Enterprise.pdf (1.68 mb)


ET 1979 configuration (2.4 mb)


SRB's 1979 stack configuration (1.3 mb)


Tail Service Masts 1979 stack configuration (500 kb)


Reference photos pdf (27 kb)






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