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ORBITAL "Antares / Orb-3 "

CRS (Commercial Resupply Services)

Third "Cygnus" - ISS Commercial Resupply Services Mission

"Deke Slayton"



This was the third of eight commercial cargo resupply missions to the ISS under the NASA Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract, but the fourth cargo delivery mission to the ISS, including the 2013 Demonstration Flight Orb-D1. For this mission, Orbital had named the Cygnus spacecraft SS Deke Slayton, as a Tribute to the late US Air Force Pilot and NASA Astronaut.

This was the first mission on which Antares used the larger and more powerful Castor 30 XL second stage motor.

Antares was launched on Oct 28, 2014 from Pad 0A, Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport on Wallops Island, Virgina but suffered a catastrophic failure ending in an explosion 15 sec after launch due to an AJ26 main engine failure. First attempt was scrubbed on Oct 27, 2014.

The AXM version for the Antares rocket papermodel was made possible from photos obtained from Spaceflight Now website. The graphic details for the Cygnus cargo vessel were obtained from photos from various sources including Orbital's website and forum.

The Cygnus papermodel comes in launch configuration version for 1:100 scale only with the new Castor 30 XL Solid Motor engine.


The next Cygnus mission will be aboard an Atlas V rocket.



Cygnus Assembly manual

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Download files:



1:100 (1.6 mb)


Cygnus Orb-3 1:100 (2.2 mb)



ANTARES ROCKET (Extended Second Stage)


Cygnus ORB-3 spacecraft attached to the new Castor 30 XL engine


Old and new Antares comparison





Source: Spaceflight101



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