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ATV-5 "Georges Lemaitre"

European Automated Transfer Vehicle




The fifth and final Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV-4) from the European Space Agency (ESA) was successfully launched on July 29, 2014 from Kourou, French Guiana in South America. The booster that carries the ATV-5 is an Ariane V ES Flight VA219.

This fifth ATV cargo vehicle is named after Belgian physicist "Georges Lemaitre" as a tribute for being the father of the Big Bang Theory. He was instrumental in expanding our knowledge of the origins of the Universe.

The ATV is an unmanned automatic vehicle that provides pressurized cargo, water, air, nitrogen, oxygen and attitude control propellant. It also removes waste from the station and re-boosts it to a higher altitude to compensate for the atmospheric drag.

The ATV-5 will test new rendezvous sensors in space as it approaches the International Space Station.

This model is available as a free download on both 1:144 and 1:100 scales and it has been updated to reflect the addtition of the new Rendezvous Sensors.




Download files:

ATV-5 1:100 (1.3 mb)


ATV-5 1:144 (1.2 mb)




Assembly manual (3.3 mb)


Rendezvous Sensors Manual


ATV-5 "Georges Lemaitre" with the new Rendezvous Sensors


ISS 2014 Configuration with Cygnus Orb-2 and ATV-5


ATV-5 "Georges Lemaitre" docked to Zvezda Service Module



Source: ESA website



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