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ATV-1 "Jules Verne"

European Automated Transfer Vehicle


The first Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV-1) from the European Space Agency (ESA) was launched on March 9, 2008 from Kourou, French Guiana in South America. The Ariane V ES Flight 181 was the launcher used to carry this cargo vehicle in route to the International Space Station to deliver supplies. The ATV is an unmanned automatic vehicle that provides pressurized cargo, water, air, nitrogen, oxygen and attitude control propellant. It also removes waste from the station and re-boosts it to a higher altitude to compensate for the atmospheric drag.

The first ATV was named "Jules Verne" as a tribute to the celebrated French novelist.

The AXM version for this ATV papermodel was made possible from sources obtained from ESA website. This model is available as a free download on both 1:144 and 1:100 scales.

Enjoy the photos and the model!



Download files:

ATV 1:100 (525 kb)


ATV 1:144 (443 kb)





Assembly manual (3.3 mb)





Top view
Bottom view
Right side view
Left side view
Front view
Aft view


ATV-1 "Jules Verne" docked to the Zvezda module




Source: ESA website



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