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Dec 13, 2014

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The Delta IV EFT-1 paper model will be available in the next few weeks in 2 scales: 1:144 simple model of the Delta IV in EFT-1 configuration and a 1:96 scale model of Delta IV with full second stage for Orion capsule, demo Service module, fairing, Launch Abort System and Upper Stage.

In the mean time, the Atlas V paper model for the NROL-35 mission in 541 configuration is available: a Short 5 meter Payload fairing and 4 Solid rocket boosters. Get the updated file containing the tribute to John James "Jack" Stewart.

Follow me on my WordPress blog where you can see more news and updates for my ISS model and Visiting Vehicles missions, EVA's and more.

Also, the complete International Space Station papermodel is available in 1:100 scale. Get it here now!

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